Hi, I'm Roree!

I capture it all- weddings, families, portraits, boudoir, events- you name it! I am based in the Upstate of South Carolina, but love an excuse to take a trip.

"warm & moody photos with a purpose"

Each of my photographs are thoughtfully created with a vision in mind. My goal at each session is to capture authentic, documentary-style photographs, then finalize with warm colors and differing textures in post-production editing.

About me

I'm 27 years old and have lived in the Upstate SC for all my life. I became interested in photography in 6th grade, got my first DSLR camera in 8th, and started working for a portraiture company that following summer. I was known for bringing my camera everywhere- school, my friends' soccer games, church, restaurants... literally everywhere. I started to book my own gigs in late high school and throughout college. I went to USC Upstate to be a math teacher, and taught 7th grade math for 5 years.

In my second year of teaching, I finally decided to make an Instagram and Facebook page for my work; I don't have a reason for why it took me that long considering my history with a camera, other than fear. My business picked up and before I knew it, I hardly had any time to breathe. Teaching, lesson planning, grading, oh and I started my graduate degree, but then I'd head off to a session in the mountains or have a wedding or two on the weekends. And don't forget editing!

A few months into my 5th year of teaching (and probably a week into being sick because I never slept), James and I had a scary conversation about me leaving my profession to pursue my passion. I mean, we had these conversations frequently, but this conversation was different. James believed in me and vowed to support me, and that was that. I did finish out my last year of teaching, and had so much fun doing so.

As of June 2023 photography is my full time career, passion, and what I see myself doing for a long long time. I love capturing real, fun moments; whether it be yourself feeling like a #queen, your kiddos each year as you update family photos, or the raw emotion on your wedding day. A client described my photography style as "a warm memory," and I think that perfectly captures what I do. My goal is to show true joy in in the form of photographs, all while being your biggest hype woman.


I'm married to a wonderful man named James, and he helps me run this show. We celebrate our 4th anniversary in July of 2024 (yep, we had a Covid wedding). We have three precious pups that make life very interesting!